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Marriage Fee:
  At least One S/Pink or S/Blue Both Foreigners
   Marriage with Wali's Consent    S$39.00    S$128.00
   Marriage without Wali's
   S$100.00    -
   Marriage for under 21
   years old
   S$120.00    -

Fee for Search for Marriage Record:      S$35.00
Fee for Request for Extract Copy of Certificate:      S$40.00
Change Solemnization Details Fee* for:    S$15.00

* Note: Application may be made to change one or more of the following only:
   a) Date of solemnization
   b) Time of solemnization
   c) Witness(es)
   d) Venue of solemnization
   e) Solemnizer
   f) Marriage Expenses (Hantaran)
   g) Mahar (Mas Kahwin)

The fee is regardless of number of items changed as it is based on a per transaction basis.
Last Updated: 05 October 2018