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Our History
The registration of Muslim Marriages was legislated back in the 1880s under the various Mohammedan Marriage Ordinances. The Mohammedan Marriage Ordinances, which were under the purview of the Governor of Straits Settlement spells out the rules and regulations pertaining to the Muslim marriage registration and divorce. The various ordinances were the:
Mahommedan Marriage Ordinance V of 1880
Mahommedan Marriage Ordinance Amendment Ordinance XIII of 1894
Mahommedan Marriage Ordinance 1880 Amendment Ordinance 1902 XXXIV of 1902
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Mahommedan Marriage Ordinance was superceded in 1957 when a Select Committee, set up by the Singapore Government, introduced the Muslim Ordinance. In 1966, the Muslim Ordinance was superceded and replaced with the Administration of Muslim Law Act (Cap 3) (AMLA).

The AMLA provides for marriages solemnized in accordance with the Muslim law and the revocation of divorces where both parties are Muslim. The registration of Muslim marriages and divorces were previously housed in the same unit in Syariah Court. In 1978, the administration of Muslim marriages came under the newly set up Registry of Muslim Marriages (ROMM).

In its early days, it was located in a bungalow situated in Fort Canning Park. On 6 August 1983, ROMM shifted to 7, Canning Rise. The building was officially opened by the then Acting Minister for Social Affairs, Dr. Ahmad Mattar.
Our Vision
To be recognized as a world-class marriage institution that provides to the building of strong and stable families.
Our Quality Statement
"At the Registry of Muslim Marriages, customers are our top priority. We commit ourselves to delighting our customers through a customer-centric, quality, and efficient and excellent service."
Our Logo & what it stands for
ROMM Logo The acronym 'T' and 'U' (which represents the theme, Tranquility in Unity) are translated stylishly into this Islamic-looking logo through Jawi writing which is basic Muslim calligraphy.

The two dots symbolically represent the partnership between a man and his wife in achieving the theme in unison.

The blending of blue and green projects natural harmony that is achieved within an analogous colour scheme.
Our Partners
With the inception of the Muslim Ordinance in 1957, religious leaders were appointed as Naib Kadis. These Naib Kadis render services which brings lasting joy and memories to the couples.
1966 The Administration of Muslim Law Act (Cap 3)(AMLA) was enacted. ROMM administers the provisions under the AMLA for marriages solemnized in accordance with the Muslim law and the revocation of divorces where both parties are Muslim.
1957 - 1983 ROMM was originally housed in a bungalow at Fort Canning Park together with the Syariah Court from 1957 till 1983.
1 Jun 1983 ROMM (together with the Registry of Marriages for civil marriages) introduced computerization of its marriage records, called the Marriage Records System (MRS). The Registries were the first department in the then Ministry of Social Affair to embark on computerization of records. The MRS enabled faster transactions and better storage of the Register of Marriages electronically.
6 Aug 1983 ROMM relocated to its current site at No. 7, Canning Rise. ROMM and Registry of Marriages (for civil marriages) were housed together in the same building which was officially opened by Dr. Ahmad Mattar, the then Acting Minister for Social Affairs.
18 Aug 2000 The new millennium saw the development of the Registry's online services. The services that were offered were e-Search, for applications on search records, e-Extract, for application on Extracts and e-Booking, for booking of solemnization dates in ROMM.
18 May 2001 Mr. Abdullah Tarmugi, the then Minister for Community Development and Sports (MCDS) officiated at the opening ceremony after the completion of an upgrading to the 20-year old registry building. To showcase our rich heritage, traditional marriage ornaments used in a Muslim wedding and old marriage certificates dating back to the 1880s were among the items displayed at ROMM.

ROMM’s corporate logo launched at the opening ceremony. The logo signifies Tranquillity in Unity, Partnership and Harmony.
16 Feb 2002 The Registry supported family life and marriage education programmes to strengthen marriages. A Healthy Marriage Programme for Malay Youth was introduced in collaboration with community partners to target the teenagers. The programme aimed to imbue the importance of marriage and family as an institution, in preparing oneself psychologically, emotionally, financially, and socially for marriage and showing responsible sexual behaviour.
25 Feb 2003 ROMM received the ISO 9001:2000 certification. With the implementation of the quality system, processes were streamlined and made more customer-focused.
1 Mar 2009 The Administration of Muslim Law Act (AMLA) was amended. The minimum age for marriage was raised from 16 years to 18 years old.
26 Jan 2010 ROMM relocated to a temporary office at Ministry of National Development (MND) Building at Maxwell Road while the existing building at Canning Rise underwent major upgrading works.
1 May 2010 A free online marriage record search service was implemented for Singapore citizens and permanent residents who have SingPass access. They get to enjoy two free online searches on the Register of Marriages over a 12-month period. This saves $35 on their pockets. The free service is especially useful to help a marrying person search for any marriage record(s) of his/her spouse-to-be.
4 May 2010 ROMM was certified with the ISO 9001:2008 standards. The ISO 9001 focuses on the effectiveness of the quality management system in meeting customer requirements. Since its first certification in 2003, ROMM has continuously been recommended for continued registration to the ISO standard.
6 Jun 2011 ROMM's revamped website was launched. The revamped website features a refreshed look and interesting nuggets of information and statistics about ROMM.
14 Jun 2011 ROMM resumed operations at Canning Rise after completion of a major upgrading of the building.
1 Sep 2011 Divorcees remarrying under the Administration of Muslim Law Act are required to make a statutory declaration on whether they have existing maintenance orders and arrears.
Last Updated: 11 November 2021