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Solemnization of Muslim Marriage  
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On the Day

The groom, the bride, her Wali and the guests are advised to be punctual for your solemnization ceremony, regardless if it is conducted in ROMM or outside ROMM. It is recommended that you arrive at the Registry or other solemnization venues as agreed, at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

Two witnesses above the age of 21 years, whose name you have submitted during your registration are required to be present for the solemnization ceremony.

Important Note:
1. Solemnization starts punctually as scheduled. If for any reason, your solemnization is delayed for more than 15 minutes, your solemnizer may leave the marriage venue.
2. Naib Kadi are volunteers and provide solemnization services as part of their contribution to the community. They should not expect a fee for the service. The couple may, as a goodwill gesture, give the solemnizers a token of appreciation. This is entirely up to the couple.
3. A solemnization ceremony in Islam is a formal and a wonderful experience. Please do not spoil it for the couple with sounds of ringing from your mobile phones.
4. If there are children attending your solemnization, please ensure that they do not cause a disruption to the ceremony.
What documents to Bring
NRICs of the groom, the bride and her Wali
NRICs of the two witnesses
Mahar (Maskahwin)
What to Wear
Formal attire or customary wedding gowns. Tee shirts, jeans, shorts, Bermudas and slippers, and the Wali and witnesses adorning gold jewellery will not be accepted by the Registry.
Last Updated: 11 November 2021