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What is a Revocation of Divorce?

A revocation of divorce is a process whereby the man revokes his decree of divorce against his wife during the Iddah period. The Iddah means the period within which a divorced woman or a widow is forbidden by the Muslim law to remarry. It covers 3 to 4 periods of his wife's menstrual cycle. If she is pregnant, it ends upon her delivering her baby. For a widow, her Iddah period is 4 months and 10 days.

How Do I Revoke My Divorce?
The application to revoke a divorce must be reported to the Syariah Court.
Click at Syariah Court to find out more about it.
What is needed when I register for the revocation?
Decree from the Syariah Court
Two witnesses and their NRICs
Both you and your spouse's NRICs
How is the revocation ceremony performed?
A counselling session will be given to the couple.
The man will revoke his divorce in the presence of the Kadi and the two witnesses.
The man will read out the special conditions for his wife.
The revocation certificates will be issued after all parties have endorsed on it.
What is the fee payable for the revocation?
A fee of S$42 is applicable for each revocation case.
Last Updated: 10 May 2019