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What is a Polygynous Marriage
A polygynous marriage is the term used for a man marrying more than one wife (the maximum is four at a time). This marriage is undertaken by those who:
Have the capability to provide a life that is well balanced in regard to the financial, physical and emotional well-being of his wives.
Currenty have a good marriage life, and the adverse is not the reason he has decided to take another wife.
Have specific reasons such as benefits that his first marriage cannot provide but his second marriage can. In this context, love is not one of the benefits.
What Processes are involved in a Polygynous Marriage
All applications are submitted to the Kadi for his review. To view the Application Form, click here.
Upon reviewing the application form, the Kadi will give separate appointments to the first wife, the applicant and the proposed spouse about a month from the date of application. This appointment letter will be posted to their respective addresses.
During the separate interviews, all statements and evidence will be recorded by the Kadi. At the end of the interview; the parties concerned will sign on their statements.
From the statement and evidence given by all parties and with reference to the Syariah Law, the Kadi will then make his judgment.
His written judgement will be posted to the applicant, with copies sent to his first wife and the proposed spouse.
Important Note:
1. All decisions made by the Kadi can be appealed against at the Appeal Board, Islamic Religious Council of Singapore, MUIS, within 30 days from the date of decision.
2. If the current or proposed spouse is not residing in Singapore, the Kadi will request the relevant authority in the vicinity of where the current or proposed spouse is residing, to conduct an interview on behalf of ROMM.
3. If the applicant, who is the primary party to the application and his proposed wife, fail to attend the interview session as scheduled after the third time, the application will be deemed as withdrawn.
4. If the first wife failed to attend the interview session as scheduled, after the second time, a summons will be issued by the applicant to her.
5. If the first wife failed to attend the interview after being summoned, the Kadi will have the right to continue with the proceedings.
6. During the interview, all original supporting documents as stated in the application form must be produced.
How do I apply?
All applications for polygynous marriages must be done in person. However, there is a downloadable form for you to complete at your convenience. Upon completion, please submit the form personally to ROMM. A fee will be charged for every application.
What are the charges?
Polygynous Application Fee S$380 per application
Issue of Summons S$40 per summons
*Grounds of Kadi Refusal S$100 per case
*Notes of Evidence S$180 per case
* These payments are applicable only when an appeal is made against the Kadi's decision.
Last Updated: 11 November 2021