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Kadi & Naib Kadi

ROMM has 11 Kadis and 41 Naib Kadis under its purview. They are officials of religious standings, and are appointed by the President of Singapore to solemnize Muslim marriages.

List of Kadi
The Registry of Muslim Marriages has under its purview 11 Kadis. They are empowered to consider marriage applications and solemnize marriages with or without a Wali.
Name Designation Contact Number
1 Nor Razak Bin Bakar Registrar 69779094
2 Mohamed Khair Bin Rahmat Deputy Registrar 69779095
3 Syakir Bin Pasuni Deputy Registrar 69779096
4 Firdaus Bin Yahya Kadi 90627926
5 Ismail Bin Terimoh Kadi 96503984
6 Karim Bin Ahmad Kadi 81137615
7 Maaroof Bin Haji Mohamad Kadi 63661494
8 Noor Bin Rawi Kadi 90983339
9 Pasuni Bin Maulan Kadi 90047819
10 Sallim Bin Jasman Kadi 91467789
11 Syed Ahmad Bin Syed Mohamed Kadi 97853798
Naib Kadi

The Registry of Muslim Marriages has under its purview 41 Naib Kadis. They are only empowered to solemnize marriages with a Wali. Click here to see the list of Naib Kadi and their contact numbers.

Booking a Kadi/Naib Kadi
Booking a Kadi/Naib Kadi can only be done online, i.e. via internet or the self-help kiosks. The booking is made at the point when you make your application for registration of your marriage. Face-to-face bookings or phone bookings are not accepted.
Tips on booking your Kadi/Naib Kadi
Choose a Kadi/Naib Kadi who lives in the vicinity of your solemnization venue.
Reconfirm the booking with your Kadi/Naib Kadi one week prior to your date of solemnization.
Last Updated: 30 March 2021