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New procedures for minor marriages application from Oct 2018
Requirements for Application for Marriage in ROMM (Muslim Converts)
NRIC (For Singaporean & Singapore PR) or passport for foreigners
Click here to check for important documents that are required for your application
The presence of the Wali and his NRIC/passport if the bride is a born-Muslim or if she and her immediate family members (including her father/brother) are Muslim converts. No Wali is required if the bride is the only Muslim convert in her family. However, under this scenario, if she is within the age of 18-20 years old, her parental consent is still needed in person.
The presence of the groom's and bride’s parents or guardian (if he/she is under 21 years) & their NRIC/passport Please click here to see a list of person or persons whose consent is required.
Photocopy of NRIC or passport of two witnesses
Conversion Card from the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS)
Conditions apply to the following cases:
If one of you is a Singaporean/PR and spouse-to-be is a foreigner -
If the foreigner spouse-to-be is a work permit holder or ex work permit holder, you are advised to obtain prior approval to marry from Controller of Work Permits, Ministry of Manpower, before you register for marriage. The Registry shall not be liable for any consequences resulting from your failure to do so. For further enquiries, please contact the Work Permit Office. For application or information on eligibility to stay in Singapore after marriage, kindly check with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority.
  & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)

  Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
  Address:   ICA Building
  10, Kallang Road
  (Next to Lavender MRT
  Singapore 208718

  Address:   1500 Bendemeer Road
  Singapore 339946
   Tel:   6391 6100   Tel:
  6438 5122
1. If your conversion is contracted outside Singapore, you are advice to seek endorsement from MUIS first. You may contact them at 6256 8188 for further details.
2. Verification and Statutory Declaration: Both of you, together with the bride's lawful Wali and the groom and/or bride's parents/guardian (if he/she is/are under 21 years old) are required to come to ROMM at the same time prior to your solemnization date. Please ensure that you bring along the necessary documents for verification.
3. If your NRIC is lost and you do not have a valid passport, you are required to produce a letter from ICA stating your NRIC number, name, address and date of birth as recorded in your NRIC, affixed with your photograph and duly endorsed by ICA.
4. If the bride has lost all contacts with her Wali, or he is bedridden, in a rehabilitative institution or abroad, she is advised to come with her mother or her immediate next of kin, whichever is applicable. Please have the following documents available for verification:
  • Valid NRIC or passport of bride's mother/next of kin
  • Rehabilitation visit card if her Wali is in rehabilitative institution
  • Bride's birth certificate if she has lost all contacts with her Wali
  • A letter of consent (only applicable if bride is below 21 years of age) and a letter of authorisation from the bride’s Wali if he is abroad and is unable to be present for the registration and solemnization due to extenuating circumstances. Please note that the letter of consent must be signed before a Commissioner for Oaths, whereas, the letter of authorization must be pronounced and signed in the presence of a religious official. Download the authorisation and consent forms here:

    ( Authorisation form (Wali) - pdf PDF document )
    ( Authorisation form (Wali) - In Malay - pdf PDF document )
    ( Consent form (Wali) - pdf PDF document )
    ( Consent form (Wali) - In Malay - pdf PDF document )

5. If the groom and/or bride has lost all contacts with his/her parent/guardian, or he/she is bedridden, in a rehabilitative institution or abroad, he/she is advised to come with his/her immediate next of kin, whichever is applicable. Please have the following documents available for verification:
  • Valid NRIC or passport of groom’s/bride's next of kin
  • Rehabilitation visit card if his/her parent/guardian is in rehabilitative institution
  • Groom’s/bride's birth certificate if he/she has lost all contacts with his/her parent/guardian
  • A letter of consent from the groom’s/bride’s parent/guardian if he/she is abroad and is unable to be present for the registration due to extenuating circumstances. The groom’s/bride’s parent/guardian is to engage the service of and appear before a Notary Public (and Certified Interpreter, if applicable) to execute the consent (see requirements below). The Consent Document is to be handed over to ROMM on the day of VD/SD.


  1. Relationship between the consenting parties (either parents or legal guardian) and the minor
  2. Name, Identity No., Address and Signature of Consenting parties
  3. Name, Identity No., Birth Certificate No. and Date of Birth of Minor
  4. Name, Identity No./Passport No., Date of Birth and Address of Spouse-to-be
  5. Name, Licence No., Contact No., Business Address, Seal & Stamp of office and Signature of Notary Public
  6. Name, identity No., Contact No., Address, Language of Interpretation, Seal & Stamp and Signature of the Certified Interpreter (if applicable).Attach a Copy of the Certificate of Appointment.
  7. Date the document is executed.
Last Updated: 10 October 2018